Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Miami, Florida

"...dizzying pulse of activity and culture."
  • Mission Opportunity

Miami beats with an almost dizzying pulse of activity and culture that is truly unique in the United States. Seated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the massive urban center calls to people from all over North, Central and South America. Many know it as “The Magic City” for its seemingly unnatural ability to change and grow overnight. Miami is a place that holds plenty of new surprises for even the most jaded explorers.

Wonder Voyage mission trips and pilgrimages to Miami focus on exploring the rich mix of cultures, specifically the influence and establishment of Miami’s sizable Cuban population. Through humble acts of service and unexpected adventures, you will be able to see Miami in a way that few ever get to. Under the lights and sheen of the chaotic metropolis lies something truly amazing. Miami makes for a destination like no other.


  • Participate in Sunday morning worship, in Spanish or Creole.
  • Participate in an evening Eucharist on the beach.
  • Get a taste of Cuban cuisine, music and art.
  • Explore one of the city’s many spectacular festivals.
  • Partner with a local church for a neighborhood outreach.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Disembark
    In this multicultural land of ours, we don’t have to travel very far to find ourselves in a whole new world. This week, your team heads south to Miami for a time of volunteer service and cultural exploration. Some things will be familiar, others will be brand new to us, but we will immerse ourselves and become students of the culture. We will jump right into service at a facility with a 65 year history of addressing the needs of children. In the early evening, we will settle in at our retreat center and take a time to prepare our hearts and minds for what the remainder of the journey will hold.
  • Day 2 – Sabbath
    A new day dawns over the city and we will rise and take time to give thanks to God in a surfside Eucharist. We will enjoy some time at the beach and also some time to explore some of the local culture. As we become more familiar with this unique location, we will take note of the things that intrigue, delight, or challenge us. Every evening we will take time to discuss the journey we have made that day.
  • Day 3 & 4 – Kids Like Us
    For the next two days our students will have the opportunity to serve a local organization that has provided a homelike setting to meet the needs of abused and neglected children and children who have aged-out of the foster care system. Although the lives of these children may be vastly different than ours in many ways, their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations might show us that in many ways we are much alike. As we serve at His House, may we come to look as others with hearts of compassion.
  • Day 5 – What We Do Matters
    Our final day in Miami will take us back to the retreat center for a final morning of service. We will wrap up our journey with a final meal together and a last time of discussion and contemplation. As we leave this city that has become like a second home, we do so with the hope

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