Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Nevada

"Nevada is brimming with incomparable beauty."
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

Vast in area, but sparse in population, Nevada has miles of unencumbered geological formations and unpolluted bodies of water. From the serene Lake Tahoe in the west to the dramatic red rock formations in the east, Nevada is brimming with incomparable beauty. Dazzling cities like Las Vegas and Reno are woven together through highways and byways with one of a kind roadside attractions.

A pilgrimage or missions trip to Nevada will surround you with God’s stunning creation and bring you face to face with His people. Straddle the California border to experience the country’s largest alpine lake and learn and serve the Southern Paiute Tribe. Or find a balance between selfless service in the streets of “Sin City” and journeying out to some of the most unique natural marvels in the country.


  • Stand atop stark canyons and interpret their ancient markings.
  • Experience the region’s rich past through local storytellers.
  • Slow down and find stillness and peace on the beaches of Lake Tahoe.
  • Take in a 900 foot overlook of the Colorado River at the Hoover Dam.
  • Explore the extreme contrasts of geography at Death Valley National Park.
  • Participate in a cultural exchange on a Native American Reservation.


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