Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to North Dakota

"...a promise of space to breathe free."
  • Historical Site
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

In the Upper Midwest, where the rolling Great Plains meet the storied Badlands, you find North Dakota. While sparsely populated when compared to other states, North Dakota has amazing stories to tell. The stories speak of a land that welcomed newcomers even before the arrival of European settlers and Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery. From the Mandan, Sioux, Blackfoot and Cheyenne peoples, to the Norwegian and German settlers of the 19th century, to the more recent resettlement of refugees from other lands, North Dakota has always been a place where newcomers can find a home.

A Wonder Voyage to North Dakota gives you many opportunities to think about the experiences of strangers in a new land. Through the lens of history, you can view the region from the perspective of Native Americans as well as the European settlers and the Corps of Discovery. The rolling hills and vast expanses of the Great Plains beckon with a promise of space to breathe free.


  • Spend time in prayer at a site sacred to Native Americans.
  • Absorb the breathtaking beauty of creation while hiking.
  • Worship in one of the oldest churches in the Upper Midwest.
  • Explore the Great Plains area through the eyes of Lewis and Clark.
  • Visit centuries old Native American village sites.
  • Serve a meal and share fellowship with people experiencing homelessness.


There is not an example itinerary for North Dakota, please contact information@wondervoyage.com for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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