Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to New Jersey

"...filled with lush farmland and pine forests..."
  • Historical Site
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

Contrary to popular belief New Jersey is filled with lush farmland and pine forests that offer easy access to miles of hiking and exploration. In the Northwest, experience one of the most beautiful stretches of the Appalachian Trail through the Delaware Water Gap. Further Southeast, discover prominent battlefields of the Revolutionary War. One hundred and twenty miles of Atlantic shoreline are worth the visit.

A Wonder Voyage to New Jersey reveals the rich history of one of the original thirteen colonies while bridging the time gap to the diverse culture of the present. Housed in a quiet retreat center in a beautiful, natural setting allows time for individual reflection and dynamic growth. Both urban and ecological service opportunities are in full supply. Why not make New Jersey the setting for your next pilgrimage or missions trip?


  • Sit in contemplation at the base of breathtaking waterfalls.
  • Raft the rapids of the historic Delaware River.
  • Worship in a Revolutionary War era church.
  • Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Take a day trip to NYC or the Jersey shore.
  • Engage in service with an inner-city ministry.


There is not an example itinerary for New Jersey, please contact information@wondervoyage.com for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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$655* per person
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