Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Williamsburg, Virginia

"Explore a place of Historical Beginnings…"
  • Historical Site

There are so many amazing stories tied to the creation and development of our nation; and there are few locations that can boast of as many important stories as Virginia. From historic settlements, to battlefields, to seats of government, Virginia has played a pivotal role in the story that depicts our colorful nation.

Join Wonder Voyage as we travel to this place of historical beginnings. Be a part of the living history display as we explore what it takes to form a community that lasts. Delve into the lives of those who had the courage and fortitude to brave the challenges that arose during the establishment of a colony, and later a nation. Take the challenge to seek the will of God for your own community as you immerse yourself in history through pilgrimage or mission.


  • Consider the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles of the early colonists.
  • Participate in a living history lesson as you explore Williamsburg and Jamestown.
  • Travel to the storied battlefield at Yorktown and learn of the sacrifices made there.
  • Spend a day in the sand and surf along the Eastern Shore.
  • Participate in a worship service at a founding father’s historic church.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Colonial Quest
    After a long drive, the team arrives at our home base for the week, a Christian retreat center. We will spend the evening with a hearty meal and tour of the retreat center grounds. We’ll end every evening with our daily dialogue, Compline, and personal reflection time.
  • Day 2 – Community Quest
    We will begin each morning with Morning Prayer and a time or quiet reflection. Our exploration today will be all over Colonial Williamsburg. The survival of the earliest settlements in America required not just perseverance and determination, but also teamwork. We will focus our thoughts on what it means to live and function in community and God’s purposes for our communities. Our evening will involve a group exercise that focuses on community.
  • Day 3 – A Breathtaking Quest
    We will drive across the amazing Chesapeake Bay, to Cape Charles for a day at the beach and some exploration of this seaside village. The breathtaking views will encourage our discussions about what takes our breath away in our daily lives.
  • Day 4 – Your Quest, Your Choice, Your Voice
    Independence Day is a pretty cool day to be in the heart of the original colonies. From the very start, the survival of our nation depended upon people who made choices and used their voices. We will begin our day exploring Jamestown, and then travel to historic Yorktown for a time of celebration and fireworks as we focus on how we can make a difference.
  • Day 5 – A Joyful Quest
    Life is not without struggles, but God still intends for us to be filled with joy. We will spend our day with the joy of little children as we laugh and play our way through Busch Gardens. We will cap off our time together in Virginia with a Celebration Meal and a time to share our most important reflections and discoveries from our Colonial Quest.
  • Day 6 – Our Quest at Home
    What better way to end our time together in Williamsburg than with a Holy Eucharist service at historic Bruton Parish. As the team departs, the challenge will be to continue the quest- to seek and find God in new ways, and to encourage each other in the same.

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