The Value of Mission: A Repeat Traveler’s Story

The Wonder Voyage team spends many hours personalizing every trip to meet the client’s needs. We rarely hear the long-term impact of those hours. When we do, we love to share those stories.

Recently, we heard from Conner Flynn who took three Wonder Voyage trips in 2012, 2013, and 2014 with his youth group at Irving Bible Church. They traveled to the Dominican Republic and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Both places were incredible,” Conner said. “Providing assistance that is extremely difficult to come by for the people who live remotely in the mountains of the Dominican Republic will always be unforgettable. But, there’s something about caring for the folks right here on our home turf in Albuquerque that I just can’t get away from.”

The Legacy trip to Albuquerque served at Mandy’s Farm. “I got to experience God really working in that city first-hand which is a truly humbling experience,” Conner said.

Conner said his Wonder Voyage trips were different from most church trips. “I find most church trips were simply extended Bible study and worship, not that I didn’t enjoy that. But, going on mission is learning by doing.”

“Nothing has given me perspective in life like serving people from all walks of life, just as Christ would have. Missions are a way to make that Christ was tangible in our lives as we take our time and resources to provide for others. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘laying down one’s life,’ and through that alone, there’s a bounty of other lessons to be learned.”

What Conner saw and experienced during his trip to the Dominican Republic helped him put his life in perspective.

“It made me realize how fragile life is. It helped me break away from some toxic thought patterns and tendencies that I had struggled with for a long time. I placed a much higher value on my life going forward and began really understanding who I am as a child of God,” Conner said.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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