Wonder of Christmas: 4 Holiday Traditions We Love

At Wonder Voyage, we believe that wonder changes everything. But wonder isn’t limited to pilgrimages and mission trips. Its presence during the holidays is part of what makes Christmas such a treasured season.

In 2019, we asked four of our Wonder Voyage leaders to share their favorite holiday traditions that connect them with the season’s wonder.

First, Ken Janke shared his connection with finding his family’s annual Christmas tree. “Traditions are extremely important in my family. The memories we generate form a unique language that creates strong family bonds. The majority of our traditions are centered on the holidays. While most of the world is fighting through Black Friday crowds, our family spends that day driving away from the hubbub of the city.” The Jankes spend the day after Thanksgiving on the family tradition of picking out the family tree. His story is called “The Family Tree.”

Second, Susan Damiano shared the story of receiving her first crèche (Nativity Set). “I received my first crèche from my godmother when I was around thirteen years old. It is a beautiful hand-painted ceramic set that I have treasured throughout my life. It holds a place of honor in my home along with 24 other crèches that I have collected from around the world.” Her story is called “Crèche Collection.”

Next, Eric Neubauer shared how his family finds the rhythm in the holiday season.  “In mid-November, my 7-year-old son began playing Kidz Bop Christmas music. I called a foul ball, but it’s hard to blame him. Everyone in my family is excited as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. The day after Thanksgiving, we’ll transform the house for Christmas, and for the next month, we’ll be ALL CHRISTMAS, ALL THE TIME.” His story is called “Finding Your Rhythm.”

Finally, Cheryl Small shared her story of the beauty of a Christmas wreath. “It starts with a wreath, then you add the candles. How something so simple begs a response to participate in the sacred through an activity reflecting purposeful worship is a heavenly mystery to me.” Her story is called “It Starts with a Wreath.”

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition that captures the wonder of the season for you? We would love to hear the meaning behind it. Comment here, on Instagram, or Facebook.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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