An Alaskan Wonder Voyage

An Alaskan Wonder Voyage

I like to think of Alaska as a place where wild meets peace. The unique smell when you walk off the plane will lure you to find adventure in both body and spirit. The peaceful sound of the ocean, the cry of eagles, and the stillness of the woods will send you on a pilgrimage of the heart. Are you ready for an Alaskan Wonder Voyage?!

Walking Borders Abbeys Way

The Borders Abbeys Way, located in the Borders of Scotland, is perfect for those who love temperate hiking, relish encountering locals, and for those who can sit amongst an abbey ruin and feel the resonance of the holy.
Destination Scotland

Destination: Scotland

Scotland is a land drenched in myth, magic, and mystery. It’s full of tales of saints and sinners, heroes and scoundrels, royalty and poverty, and the Loch Ness monster. Thousands of years of history have sculpted this intriguing country, calling travelers from around to world to come to its shores. From the highlands to the…
Destination: Ireland

Destination: Ireland

In 2000, Wonder Voyage chose Ireland as its first international destination. Twenty years later, the misty Emerald Isle is now our most extensively explored location and one of which we never tire. Ireland has a way of feeling like home, especially since so many of us have roots that that lead back to her shores.…



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