I Want To Be Your Guide: Indiana and Montana

As we continue our look at some of the newest destinations in our 50 States of Wonder initiative, Voyage Coordinators Brittany Golden and Molly Wren share why they are excited about Indiana and Montana.

Brittany Golden: Indiana

Brittany is one of our regional coordinators in the office who put together several of our new locations in all fifty states.  As an anglophile, she loves leading trips to the UK, but she has her heart set on a location in the States that might surprise you.  Here is why Brittany wants to lead our first Wonder Voyage to Indiana.

“Maybe it’s all the Parks and Recreation I watched while in quarantine, but Indiana is calling my name. Indianapolis has a wide array of American history told by indigenous people, settlers, war heroes, activists, and…Hoosiers? The rest of the state is packed with places of beauty to explore and a surprising concentration of monasteries for times of restoration. With tons of quirky roadside stops to make along the way, Indiana really is the “Crossroads of America”. Let’s load up on snacks and head out on a road trip like no other. Let me be your voyage guide to Indiana.”

Molly Wren:  Montana

Molly has been a guide for Wonder Voyage for seventeen years and she is our Sr. Voyage Coordinator. She recently created trips in a dozen states but there is one in particular that caught her interest. Here is why Molly wants to lead our first Wonder Voyage to Montana.

“I have always lived in the city – San Antonio, Houston, Dallas; and while I love the vibrant culture and myriad opportunities that life in the city offers, when my heart and soul are longing for a recharge, it is to the outdoors that I go. If I could leave today and go somewhere, I would head north and west to Montana.  A few days of hiking, kayaking, and reconnecting with the earth while disconnecting from the world is the perfect prescription for a weary soul.  With outdoor adventures galore and opportunities to understand the culture of the Blackfeet Nation that has called this area home for centuries, Montana is whispering to me. Maybe Montana is beckoning you as well. Maybe it’s time to leave the big city and let me be your voyage guide to the Big Sky Country.” 

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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