Molly Wren

After graduating with a dual degree in History and Sociology, Molly became a youth minister in the Episcopal Church. She joined the staff of WV in 2003. As Voyage Coordinator, she adds the nuts and bolts to our itineraries. She is dedicated to bringing the gospel to life through pilgrimage. As an encounter expert, Molly can find the story of God anywhere and everywhere.

4 Don't-Miss Locations You Probably Haven't Visited
4 Don’t-Miss Locations You Probably Haven’t Visited
When we think of travel, places with big names and well-known landmarks pop in people’s minds. But when you’ve “been there and done that” the opportunities aren’t over. In fact, some of the biggest adventures are actually a little more off the beaten path. Here ...
Southwest Shrimp & Grits
Recipes From Around The Globe: Southwest Shrimp and Grits
The cuisine of South Carolina's Low Country was heavily influenced by enslaved Africans in plantation kitchens.  Food historians trace the migration of Shrimp and Grits all the way to the country of Mozambique.  I did not know this the first time I ate Shrimp and ...
Lessons Learned From A Childhood Misadventure
Wonder In Everyday: Lessons Learned From A Childhood Misadventure
I grew up in the “if it’s not pouring down rain, you’d better be playing outside” generation.  I was the only girl, so if I wanted someone to play with, I had to keep up with my two brothers.  Sedentary pursuits were not really our ...
5 Favorite Celebration Meal Locations
5 Favorite Celebration Meal Locations
A Celebration Meal is part of every Wonder Voyage. We gather at the end of a journey to reflect, to remember, and to show gratitude. It is our time to honor community – both the community on the journey AND the cultural community where the ...
The Way You’ve Longed to Travel
The Way You’ve Longed to Travel
Have you ever booked a trip through a tour, pilgrimage or mission organization hoping for adventure, only to find yourself shuffling from location to location without taking in your surroundings? You end up in lackluster housing, eating familiar food, never really immersing yourself in the ...