Behind the Scenes: Wonder Voyage Steps Up to the Plate

Wonder Voyage runs a lot like a baseball team. Every big-league player trains year-round to be the best batter, baserunner, and defender they can be. But when it comes to game time, we run on instinct and prayer. It’s just the Guide at the plate, staring down a trip, and praying that they are prepared for whatever the trip is about to throw at them.

The preparation that happens behind the scenes isn’t usually visible. Fans don’t see the hours and hours our Coordinators spend planning a trip and making sure we know the history of curveballs a location might throw our way.

Fans don’t see the team of prayer warriors that are meticulously lifting up each and every team prior to gametime.

No one in the stands sees the updates and prayer requests that funnel through the office on a daily basis throughout summer including which team is traveling where and how every single team is doing.

And if we are doing it right—and since 98% of our clients gave us an A on our post-trip ratings last year, we must be doing something right—it comes across seamlessly.

But every single one of the Wonder Voyage trips are more than just a summer getaway. They are more than just a game we play. They are opportunities for us to lead every participant to true moment of wonder.

Moments like:

As we reach our halfway point of the 2022 summer travel season, we still have 24 trips to 24 destinations ahead of us (13 countries and 11 states). Each trip is one more opportunity for travelers to experience a moment of wonder that only an encounter with God can provide.

If you want to following the team’s play-by-play as they travel the world, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

And if you are ready to open yourself and your team to a moment of wonder yourself, step up to the plate and book your trip for 2023. Our roster is already halfway full.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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