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A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

I was struck by one word that lies at the heart of everything that YWAM Belize does: love. They love the people of their community. They love the youth they serve. They love the partners that come to see their work and be a part of the process.
Building A Legacy

Building a Legacy

The Wonder Voyage Legacy Project grew through pictures, videos, and first-hand accounts. Today we continue to build a lasting legacy in many locations that the Wonder Voyage family and its donors can be proud of. Learn more about how Wonder Voyage Legacy was born!
The 2017 Legacy Impact

Legacy: The 2017 Impact

Because of the overwhelming generosity of our supporters in 2017, Wonder Voyage Legacy made a positive impact in several locations around the world. Supporters invested $6000 while our pilgrims served 684 hours to bring four major projects to fruition. Check out what you helped us accomplish!
A Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy

I love going on pilgrimages and mission trips. I love seeing incredible places, going on a spiritual adventure, and encountering God with teams all over the world. But what truly excites me now, after going on more than twenty-five trips, is leaving a legacy behind in the places that I serve.
Three ways YOU can build a Legacy

Three ways YOU can build a Legacy this summer

Wonder Voyage Legacy is about strategically investing in locations where we have a long-standing relationship with partner organizations working to help their community. None of this is possible without supporters like you. We have three Legacy projects taking place this summer but we need your help!



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