Top 5 Locations for Service-Focused International Trips

There is nothing like traveling overseas to expand your worldview. The face-to-face interaction with the people, culture, and food of a foreign country teaches more than a textbook or movie ever could. Serving internationally brings that cultural immersion even deeper. Love knows no language barriers. Wonder Voyage has partners around that globe so our clients can choose to serve the homeless, undereducated, children, or churches. In considering an international service-rich trip, we recommend five key locations.


Wonder Voyage has partnered with Belizean-run outreach organizations for over a decade. As a Legacy location, we are committed to long-term investment in this region. Over the last several years we have built a dorm, constructed a kitchen so students would be encouraged to attend school to receive a meal, and we’ve hosted several soccer camps. Since Belize is the only Central America country that has English as their national language, this is a fantastic location for first-timers.

Dominican Republic

Most people who visit the Dominican Republic go for the scenery. They don’t realize that just beyond the tourist culture that dominates the coast, there is a population that is living hand to mouth. We have partnered with local ministries for over a decade to meet some of the most pressing needs of these communities. Our primary focus is on improving community schools and helping families improve their standard of living. As a Legacy location, we are committed to long-term investment in this region.


Ecuador is literally the center of the world with Quito, the capital city, as her crown jewel. In Quito we work with our partners to invest in local schools, serve an indigenous church in the countryside, and work in an orphanage. Whatever your group’s passion, we have a project in Ecuador.


India has over 12 million children living in bonded slavery. We work with Good News India, which is the largest full-time child rescue organization in the world. GNI provides education and care to as many children as they can rescue. As a Legacy location, we are committed to long-term investment in this region. Check out the award-winning film, Acres of Diamonds, to learn more about the work of Good News India.

South Africa

South Africa is in the middle of a refugee crisis. Wonder Voyage partners with a well-known organization in Cape Town to help with the refugees as they receive food, education, legal advice, and assistant with integration into their new culture. On the east side of South Africa, we focus on small villages in need of building projects including homes and schools near Kruger National Park.

If you would like to know more about these or other service-focused Wonder Voyage locations, contact the office.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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