Chicago, Illinois

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In years past, Chicago was an important destination for trade. Indians and adventurers used it for portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi. Eventually, the railroads and highways from both coasts and Canada met in the city, making it an important place of industry and commerce. Now the Windy City is a massive center …

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Banff, Calgary, Canada

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The picturesque Alberta province town of Banff was aptly named after its stunning sister city in Scotland. Settled entirely within the confines of a national park, Banff has long been a destination for people seeking adventure in the great outdoors. This gem in the Canadian Rockies is an ideal location to encounter God outside the …

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This is an intelligent city full of new ideas and a fervent respect for its history. After all, it is one of the oldest cities in the country. In Boston, you can walk historic routes, watch a classic game of baseball, or engage in deep conversation with people that you meet. A Wonder Voyage to …

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Albuquerque is a bustling city tucked below the golden Sandia Mountains. Whispers of its past are preserved in its art and culture, mixing old life with new. The colors, the smiles, the sounds, and the sights will all be there to welcome you in. A Wonder Voyage to Albuquerque promises adventure and awe. From the …

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St. Louis

St. Louis has a deep history that runs through its veins like the Mississippi along its banks. From Native Americans to modern art, St. Louis has stories to tell. It has gently blended city life with that of serene natural spaces, just as it draws together its past and its future. Wonder Voyage will guide …

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Seattle, Washington

Seattle is more than just a rainy city. It is a bustling metropolis of art, history, culture, and technology. As the forerunner of the transportation industry you will find many ways to travel around the largest city in the Northwest. Seattle supplies adventures on land, on the sea, under ground, in the past, and in the …

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Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Nestled between green mountains and raging white waters lies Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It is a city soaked in history that spans America’s 200 plus years. Travelers can now find peace and rejuvenation in a land that was once a pivotal location in U.S. History during the Civil War. Wonder Voyage takes you to the …

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Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City has a past bursting with tales of Native American tradition and cowboy culture. Today that heritage shines through the many monuments and museums dedicated to the history of the city and its people. This city has become a hub, as it sits directly in the center of the state and lies on the …

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Traverse City, Michigan

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Nearly hidden under the pines of the North lies Traverse City on Lake Michigan. This is an emerald paradise filled with wildlife and natural beauty. You will think you’ve stepped back to a time where horse drawn carriages were the transportation and long walks were the entertainment. Whether you want to win a round of …

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