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The Other Side of the Fence

The Other Side of the Fence

Other than the chain link fence, topped with barbed wire, bisecting the interior of the facility, it was as close to anything back home we had seen since landing in Honduras. This is a story of how one door closing, opened the hearts of a youth group and showed them that God had a plan the whole time.
Celtic Footsteps Pilgrimage

Celtic Footsteps Pilgrimage

For years I wanted to travel to Ireland but I didn’t want to travel by bus with a ton of people I didn’t know, stopping at so many places each day that I wondered where I had been, leaving no time to relax and reflect on what I was seeing. Instead, I chose the Wonder Voyage Celtic Footsteps Pilgrimage.
Newfound Family

Newfound Family

Participating in and leading Wonder Voyage trips became a door into a family of fellow seekers of God and introduced me to people who saw what was in me when I didn’t see it myself. My newfound family continues to remind me to chase after mystery and to fondly remember the journey.
Getting Away from the Noise

Away from the Noise

I traveled with Wonder Voyage to Ireland. We sailed by ferry to a small island called Inisheer. Separated from Ireland by the Atlantic, Inisheer has managed to maintain its age-old culture and traditions that have long since been forgotten by the mainland. A place to get away from the noise and discover God.
Pilgrimage Reflections - A Life Changing Journey

Pilgrimage Reflections

As a 17-year-old about to begin my senior year of high school, my mind was not fully prepared to understand the truly life changing journey I was on. I had participated in countless youth events, but it took removing myself from all that I was familiar with, leaving everything that was comfortable, for me to find God.
Jesus Fell - Finding strength during times of weakness and vulnerability.

Jesus Fell

A few years ago, I was blessed to take a group of college students to Ireland with Wonder Voyage. An experience we had there changed my life in significant ways. And not just my life, but the lives of many of my students as well. This is a story about finding strength during times of weakness and vulnerability.
A Simple Walk - A Wonder Voyage Story

A Simple Walk

Off of the western wilds of Ireland, the magnificent Cliffs of Moher look toward the Atlantic. For ages Irish monks came to this lonely spot to pray and wait for the coming kingdom. I led the pilgrims from Christ Episcopal to this precipice to give them the opportunity to soak in the beauty and reflect.…



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